Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tulip Fabric Markers and Canvas Shoes

First I want to mention something about the mini minion.  After some play time with him the sharpie marker is starting to wear and fade off.  So I guess we will have to try and put a top coat over the marker or find a different way to decorate the finger puppet.  Back to the drawing board!! 

Okay now to the project I would like to show today. My 7 year old daughter did this a few months ago.  She wanted a pair of tennis shoes like the Sketchers but with her own design and flair.  So one pair of canvas tennis shoes and a package of Tulip Fabric markers and this is what she did.

 She was very proud of them, as I was of her.  The hardest part was locating the canvas shoes.  Plain white canvas shoes are hard to find.

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